Muncie Reversible RG RL 83 PTO Series

Muncie Reversible RG RL 83 PTO SeriesDescription:

The RG Series PTO offers one speed forward and one speed reverse. Designed to be used on winch applications only, the RG is a 6-bolt unit with standard lever shift, and optional air-shift provisions available.

Key Features / Benefits:

  • Reversible output rotation: Ideal for driving mechanical winches or matching driven equipment rotational needs
  • 6 mounting and torque capabilities: Provides applications for most power requirements
  • Constant mesh input gears: Protect transmission gears from damage from improper shift procedures
  • Air-shift option available: Provides simple, positive shift function

Common Applications:

  • Liquid Transfer Pumps

  • Mechanical Winches

Muncie RG PTO BrochureMuncie RG Series PTO  Parts Breakdown

Muncie RG PTO Parts BreakdownMuncie RG Series PTO Service Manual

Muncie RL PTO Service ManualMuncie RL Series PTO Service Manual

Muncie RL PTO Parts Breakdown ManualMuncie RL Series PTO Parts Breakdown

Muncie Reversible PTO Specifications

RG Series RL Series 83 Series
Housing ConstructionAluminumAluminumCast Iron
Approximate Weight22 lbs. (38.6 Kg.)25 lbs. (11.3 Kg.)115 lbs. (52.2 Kg.)
Max Torque
Intermittent140 lbs.ft. (190 Nm)200 lbs.ft. (271 Nm)500 lbs.ft. (678 Nm)
MAX HP (@ 1,000 RPM)
Intermittent26 HP (19 kW)38 HP (28 kW)95 HP (71 kW)
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