Muncie 8405A / 8406A PTO SERIES

Muncie 8405A 8406A Series PTO


Muncie Power Products’ 8405A / 8406A Series PTO uses an 8-bolt mounting for Eaton, Meritor and Mack transmission openings. With a rigid structure and 225 Ft. Lb. of intermittent torque, this powerhouse is sure to provide all of your application needs. Common applications include use in dump trucks.

Key Features / Benefits:

  • Integral 8-bolt mounting pad
  • SAE “B” or SAE “B-B”, 2- or 4-bolt pump mounting flange and 1 ¼” optional shaft
  • Drain port
  • Inspection port for backlash adjustment
  • 3 popular speed ratios equivalent to the TG8S-U6807, 08 and 09 PTOs
  • Intermittent torque rating of 225 Ft. Lb.
Muncie 8405AA model number construction

Muncie 8405A / 8406A Owner's ManualMuncie 8405A / 8406A Series PTO Owner’s Manual

Muncie 8405A / 8406A Series Service ManualMuncie PTO 8405A / 8406A Service Manual

Muncie PTO Specifications 8405A 8406AMuncie PTO 8405A 8406A Specifications

8405A – 8406A Series PTO Specifications
Housing ConstructionCast Iron
Speed Ratios3
Output Shaft Options2
Assembly Artangements2
Approximate Weight37 lbs. (16.8 Kg.)
Max Torque
Intermittent225 lbs.ft. (312 Nm)
Continuous161 lbs.ft. (218 Nm)
MAX HP (@ 1,000 RPM)
Intermittent44 HP (33 kW)
Continuous31 HP (23 kW)
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