Muncie CS24 / CS25 PTO

Muncie CS24 /CS25 PTODescription:
The CS24 Series Power Take-Off is a Clutch Shift PTO designed for Allison WorldR and Caterpillar automatic transmissions. The CS-24 Series PTO is engaged by means of a solenoid activated, wet clutch pack. The engagement solenoid is built into the PTO and installation is simplified by the requirement of only one hose connection. A remote mounted solenoid option is available for a more compact installation.

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Key Features / Benefits:

  • Four remote mount output shafts in both keyed and flange types: Versatility for remote pump drives
  • S.A.E. “A”, “B”, “BB”, and DIN 5462 direct mount pump options: Fits most popular pumps
  • Rotatable direct mount flanges: Allows pump to be positioned for maximum clearance
  • Compatible with PTO Shaft Extensions for Allison transmissions: Moves the pump mount to the rear of the transmission for large pump clearance
  • Patented Muncie drag brake: Prevents shaft rotation in “OFF” mode
  • Standard pressure lubrication: No extra cost
  • Two assembly arrangements: Allows the PTO to be mounted shaft high or low on either side of the transmission

Common Applications:

  • Refuse Vehicles

  • Tank Trucks

  • Ice and Snow Control Trucks

  • Digger Derricks

  • Aerial Bucket Trucks

  • Dump Bodies

Muncie CS24 / CS25 Series BrochureMuncie CS24 / CS25 Series Brochure

Muncie CS24 / CS25 Series Parts BreakdownMuncie CS24 / CS25  Series Parts Breakdown

Muncie CS24 / CS25 PTO Service ManualMuncie CS24 / CS25 Series Installation & Owner’s Manual

Muncie CS24 / CS25 Installation ManualMuncie CS24 / CS25 Series Supplemental Instructions Manual

Muncie CS24 CS25 PTO Series Specifications
Housing ConstructionDuctile Iron
Speed Ratios7
Drag BrakeStandard
Output Shaft Options12
Rotatable Pump FlangeStandard
Assembly Arrangements2
Approximate Weight52 lbs. (23.6 Kg.)
Max Torque
Intermittent325 lbs.ft. (440 Nm)
Continuous228 lbs.ft. (308 Nm)
MAX HP (@ 1,000 RPM)
Intermittent62 HP (46.2 kW)
Continuous43 HP (32 kW)
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