Muncie PTO Gear Adapters

Gear adapters mount between the vehicle transmission and Power Take-Off to increase clearance and/or change rotation.
Gear adapters mount between the vehicle transmission and Power Take-Off and can serve several purposes. Adapters are used to change the direction of rotation of the PTO output shaft. They can also be used to space the PTO out and away from the transmission case. On some imported or non-SAE standard transmissions they allow for the mounting of standard 6 bolt Power Take-Offs. Gear Adapters are available to fit most popular transmissions.

Key Features / Benefits:

• Various body configurations: Can relocate the PTO output shaft to improve clearance for a driveshaft or direct coupled pump
• Changes PTO shaft rotation: Matches PTO rotation to that of the driven equipment
• Standard and non-standard bolt patterns: Matches SAE standard PTOs to non-standard transmissions

Common Applications: Muncie Gear Adapters Muncie PTO Gear Adapters parts breakdown
Muncie Gear Adapters Muncie PTO Gear Adapters Service Manual

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