Muncie SS66 PTO Series Split Shaft Power Take Off

Muncie SS66 PTO Series描述:

SS66 Series Split Shaft PTOs are used to provide two 6-bolt PTO apertures where none exist on the main transmission or where space limitations restrict access to the second transmission opening. Split shafts are designed to use the main vehicle driveshaft as their input and provide multiple outputs for auxiliary power equipment. When engaged, the main drive shaft is disconnected from the rear axle. The SS66 is typically used on chassis ranging up to Class 5.

主要功能 / 著數:

  • The SS66 is also used behind a single PTO to offer multiple PTO optionsSS66 Split shaft PTO
  • (2) 6-bolt PTO openings can accept various common PTO series such as the TG or CS6
  • Engagement can be via air-shift or heavy duty push/pull cable


  • 轉儲貨車

  • 垃圾車

  • 真空貨車

  • 多功能車

  • 車載起重機

  • 回收車輛

  • 汽車運輸

  • 坦克卡車

Muncie SS66 BrochureMuncie SS66 Series Brochure

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Muncie SS66 Parts BreakdownMuncie SS66 Split Shaft Parts Breakdown

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Muncie SS66 Service ManualMuncie SS66 Series Service Manual

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Muncie SS66 Installation ManualMuncie SS66 PTO Installation Manual

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Muncie SS66 Series Specifications
輸出軸選項 varies w/ PTOs mounted
Through Shaft Flanges Spice 1410, 1500/1510 系列
近似重量 20 磅. (9.1 公斤。)
Throughput Intermittent 14,000 磅尺. (21,000 納米)
PTO Drive Gear 1,200 磅尺. (1,624 納米)
最大 HP (@ 1,000 轉速)
PTO Drive Gear 228 惠普 (1701 千瓦)


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