Muncie RS PTO Series

曼希 RS描述:

Muncie RS PTO Series is a rear mounted power take off unit. Rear mount PTOs have been the standard in Europe for many years. They are typically easier to install because they are not subject to the interference problems common with side mounted power take-offs. They are becoming more common in North America due to limited access to traditional side mount transmission openings. Muncie in partnership with our European operations offers a wide range of rear mounted PTOs for foreign and domestic transmission applications, including the Eaton Ultra-Shift automated manual transmissions and the Caterpillar fully automatic transmissions.

主要功能 / 著數:

  • Rear mount designs require no gear backlash to adjust and no frame or exhaust interference.
  • Multiple output ratios are available as well as simple disconnect versions to properly match the output speeds to your requirements.
  • Direct mount pump flanges are available on most rear mount PTO models, however driveline output is most common.
  • Most RS Series PTOs are air shifted, but clutch shift-able versions are available for popular North American applications.

Muncie RS Parts BreakdownMuncie RS PTO Parts Breakdown

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Muncie RS Service ManualMuncie RS Service Manual

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Muncie RS Installation ManualMuncie RS Series Installation Manual

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Muncie RS Series Specifications
近似重量 15 磅. (6.8 公斤。)
間歇 276 磅尺. (347 納米)
連續 193 磅尺. (261 納米)
最大 HP (@ 1,000 轉速)
間歇 67 惠普 (50 千瓦)
連續 37 惠普 (27 千瓦)


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