曼希 CS41

曼希 CS41描述:
The CS41 Series PTO is an extra heavy duty, Clutch Shift PTO designed for Allison WorldR and Caterpillar automatic transmissions. The CS41 Series PTO is engaged by a solenoid activated, wet clutch pack and features a remotely mounted solenoid for a more compact installation. The CS41 is rated to 600 lb.ft. torque/intermittent and 420 lb.ft. torque/continuous.

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主要功能 / 著數:

  • Precision ground gears: High torque capacity with quiet operation
  • Extra large bearings & components: High torque and durability
  • 1410 series remote mount output shaft: For remote pump drives
  • 瑞士 E. “C” 同 din 5462 direct mount options: Fits most popular pumps requiring high power input
  • 旋轉直裝法蘭: 允許泵被定位為最大間隙
  • Two assembly arrangements: Allows the PTO to be mounted shaft high or low on either side of the transmission
  • Standard pressure lubrication: No extra cost


  • Refuse Equipment

  • 起重機。

  • Fire Equipment

  • Construction Equipment

Muncie CS41 Series BrochureMuncie CS41 Series Brochure

Muncie CS41 Series Parts BreakdownMuncie CS41 Series PTO Parts Breakdown

Muncie CS41 Owners ManualMuncie CS41 Series Owner’s Manual

Muncie CS41 Installation ManualMuncie CS41 Series Installation Manual

Muncie CS41 PTO Series Dimensions

Mucnie CS41 series dimensions

蒙西CS41 PTO系列。
近似重量69 磅. (31.3 公斤。)
間歇600 磅尺. (813 納米)
連續420 磅尺. (569 納米)
最大 HP (@ 1,000 轉速)
間歇114 惠普 (85 千瓦)
連續80 惠普 (60 千瓦)