曼希 CD10

曼希 CD10描述:

The CD-10 Series Power Take-Off is a constant drive (non-shiftable) PTO designed for use on the Allison and Caterpillar automatic transmissions. The CD-10 provides a functional alternative to front, crank shaft driven, hydraulic pump applications. A choice of popular S.A.E. and DIN direct mount pump options and torque ratings of up 400 lb.ft. provide power and versatility for the most demanding applications.

主要功能 / 著數:

  • 高達 400 磅。. 英尺。. 扭矩能力同 76 惠普. @1000 RPM: 驅動高容積泵的功率
  • Three standard output shafts in both keyed and flange types: Versatility for remote pump drives
  • 瑞士 E. “一個”, “B”, “Bb”, and “C”; DIN 5462 direct mount pump options: Fits most popular pumps
  • Multi-position direct mount flanges: 允許泵被定位為最大間隙
  • Designed to work with Muncie’s PTO Shaft Extensions on Allison 3000 and 4000 系列傳輸: Clearance for large volume and variable displacement pumps
  • Four assembly arrangements: Allows the PTO to be mounted shaft high or low on either side of the transmission
  • Standard pressure lubrication: No extra cost

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Muncie CD10 Common Applications:

  • Refuse Vehicles

  • Street Sweepers

  • Ice and Snow Control Trucks

Muncie CD10 Series BrochureMuncieCD10 Series Brochure

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Muncie CD10 Series Parts BreakdownMuncie CD10 Series Parts Breakdown

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Muncie CD10 Series Service ManualMuncie CD10 Series Service Manual

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Muncie CD10 Series Installation ManualMuncie CD10 Series Automatic Transmission Options

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Muncie CD10 Series PTO Extended Shaft InstallationMuncie CD10 Series PTO Extended Shaft Installation

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Muncie CD10 Series Specifications
住房建設 毬墨鑄鉄
速度比 5
Pressure Lube Hose (required) 標準
輸出軸選項 12
旋轉泵法蘭 標準
近似重量 39 磅. (17.7 公斤。)
間歇 400 磅尺. (542 納米)
連續 280 磅尺. (279 納米)
最大 HP (@ 1,000 轉速)
間歇 76 惠普 (57 千瓦)
連續 53 惠普 (40 千瓦)


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