Muncie 8405A / 8406A PTO SERIES

Muncie 8405A 8406A Series PTO


Muncie Power Products’ 8405A / 8406A Series PTO uses an 8-bolt mounting for Eaton, Meritor and Mack transmission openings. With a rigid structure and 225 Ft. Lb. of intermittent torque, this powerhouse is sure to provide all of your application needs. Common applications include use in dump trucks.

主要功能 / 著數:

  • Integral 8-bolt mounting pad
  • SAE “B” or SAE “B-B”, 2- or 4-bolt pump mounting flange and 1 ¼” optional shaft
  • Drain port
  • Inspection port for backlash adjustment
  • 3 popular speed ratios equivalent to the TG8S-U6807, 08 and 09 PTOs
  • Intermittent torque rating of 225 Ft. Lb.
Muncie 8405AA model number construction

Muncie 8405A / 8406A Owner's ManualMuncie 8405A / 8406A Series PTO Owner’s Manual

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Muncie 8405A / 8406A Series Service ManualMuncie PTO 8405A / 8406A Service Manual

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Muncie PTO Specifications 8405A 8406AMuncie PTO 8405A 8406A Specifications

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8405一個 – 8406A Series PTO Specifications
住房建設 鑄鐵
速度比 3
輸出軸選項 2
裝配 artangements 2
近似重量 37 磅. (16.8 公斤。)
間歇 225 磅尺. (312 納米)
連續 161 磅尺. (218 納米)
最大 HP (@ 1,000 轉速)
間歇 44 惠普 (33 千瓦)
連續 31 惠普 (23 千瓦)


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