Muncie PTO Shaft Extension

Muncie PTO shaft extensionDescription:

The Muncie PTO shaft extension, for the Allison 3000 and 4000 Series transmission provide easier hydraulic pump installation by moving the hydraulic pump mount to the rear of the transmission. Shaft Extensions are available for most Allison 3000 & 4000 Series transmission applications and popular pump mounts.

Mga nilalaman / Mga benepisyo:

  • Fits Allison 3000 and 4000 sunud-sunod na transmission – Popular automatic transmissions
  • Direct mounts large gear or piston pumpsReplaces driveline; Cuts installation time
  • Replaces front engine drivesEliminates the cost of front mounting; Improved performancethe pump is located closer to the oil supply
  • Locates the pump under the truckSafer location
  • Four output sizes – S.A.E. “B”, “BB”, “C”, baling mula sa kaguluhan 5462 – Fits popular pump models

Karaniwang application:

  • Refuse Equipment

  • Utility Equipment

  • Dump Bodies

  • Ice and Snow Control Vehicles

Muncie Shaft Extensions BrochureMuncie PTO Shaft Extensions Brochure

Muncie Shaft Extensions Parts BreakdownMuncie PTO Shaft Extension Parts Breakdown

Muncie Shaft Extensions Service ManualMuncie PTO Shaft Extension Installation Manual


1. Transmission must have rear support installed as supplied by the vehicle manufacturer.

2. Allison 4000 Serye: ES not currently available for the 7 speed HD4700 transmission. Not currently available for any 4000 retarder or units with rear-mounted oil coolers.

3. All ES Kits are for shaft low PTO arrangements. “3” on left side and “1” on right side.

Muncie PTO Shaft Extension Specifications
Mga opsiyon sa baras ng outputS.A.E. “B” S.A.E. “BB” S.A.E.”C” DIN 5462
Rotatable bomba patigasinYes
Assembly Artangements2
Tinatayang bigat42 lbs. (19.05 Kg.)
Max metalikang kuwintas
Hinto400 lbs.ft. (542 NM)
Tuloy-tuloy280 lbs.ft. (379 NM)
WITH CS10/11:
Hinto500 lbs.ft. (678 NM)
Tuloy-tuloy350 lbs.ft. (475 NM)
WITH CS24/25:
Hinto325 lbs.ft. (440 NM)
Tuloy-tuloy228 lbs.ft. (308 NM)
WITH CS40/41:
Hinto600 lbs.ft. (813 NM)
Tuloy-tuloy430 lbs.ft. (569 NM)
MAX HP (@ 1,000 RPM)
WITH CD10:76 HP (57 kW)
WITH CS10/11:95 HP (71 kW)
WITH CS24/25:62 HP (46 kW)
WITH CS40/41:42 HP (85 kW)
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