Muncie CS20 and CS21 PTO

The Muncie CS20-CS21 Series PTO design is based on the same technology as the CS10. Though 20% smaller, the CS20-CS21 is still a heavy duty PTO for demanding applications like snow & ice removal, tandem & triple axle dumps, fuel haulers, aircraft refuelers, rear & side loader refuse vehicles, digger derricks, and aerial devices. The CS20-CS21 Series PTO has torque ratings ranging from 200-325 lb.ft. and features 7 internal speed ratios. The highest speed ratio CS20-CS21, is ideal for utility vehicle applications to obtain high flow rates from smaller displacement hydraulic pumps at lower engine speeds. It is available in 11 different output shaft types including the standard 1-1/4" round, SAE "B" either 2 bolt only or combination 2 & 4 bolt, SAE "A" 2 bolt, SAE "B-B" 2 & 4 bolt, and the non standard 4 bolt "G" option. Other output shaft options include a 1410 type companion flange, the DIN 100 companion flange and the DIN 5462 hydraulic mount. The hydraulic flanges are 3600 rotatable with multiple mounting positions. Two housing configurations are available to provide output shaft locations either high or low for either side of the transmission. This makes installation easier and better suited for today's confined chassis space. The CS21 version has a remotely mounted solenoid valve making it a more compact unit.

Key Features / Benefits:

• Four remote mount output shafts in both keyed and flange types.
• Versatility for remote pump drives.
• S.A.E. "A", "B", "BB", and DIN 5462 direct mount pump options.
• Fits most popular pumps.
• Rotatable direct mount flanges.
• Allows pump to be positioned for maximum clearance.
• Compatible with PTO Shaft Extensions for Allison transmissions.
• Moves the pump mount to the rear of the transmission for large pump clearance.
• Patented Muncie drag brake.
• Prevents shaft rotation in "OFF" mode.
• Two assembly arrangements.
• Allows the PTO to be mounted shaft high or low on either side of the transmission.


Common Applications: Muncie CS20 CS21 Brochure Download the Muncie CS20-CS21 PTO Brochure

Muncie CS20 CS21 Parts Breakdown PDFDownload the Muncie CS20-CS21 PTO Parts Breakdown

Muncie CS20 CS21 Service Owners ManualDownload the Muncie CS20-CS21 PTO Service Manual

Muncie CS20 CS21 PTO InstallationDownload the Muncie CS20-CS21 PTO Installation Manual

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